Tuesday, 25 August 2020

le mie nuvole su Curator Space


Sono davvero felice che Curator Space abbia voluto condividere la storia di come il mio progetto delle nuvole sia nato sul loro spazio.

Potete leggere l'articolo qui, intanto ve ne lascio un pezzetto:

"Italian total lockdown started on 11th March and ended on 3rd May. During this time it was prohibited to go out for walks or move outside city borders; only grocery shopping was allowed and only once a week. Of course all my workshops were cancelled but I also couldn’t go to my studio to work on my prints. In the beginning I thought about using this time to draw more, and started making some portraits in my notebook. After a while I bgean to miss using my usual palette and the colours I love most, and quite organically I decided to draw a small cloud with ballpoint pens for each day of the lockdown. I saw these as individual portraits of the clouds I could see out of my window....."


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